International Admissions Staff Directory

We are so happy that you are considering applying to University of Cincinnati! The staff member from your part of the world is just one email away.

Our staff is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. UC also has offices in India, China, and Vietnam.

Cincinnati Staff

Headshot of Jason Chambers

Jason Chambers

Assistant Director

+1 513-556-1086

Specialty: Transfer Students

Headshot of Kathy "KK" Kelley

Kathy "KK" Kelley

Admissions Counselor

+1 513-556-3593

Territory: Australia, Canada, New Zealand

Headshot of Megan Lindle

Megan Lindle

Senior Admissions Counselor

+1 513-556-4764

Territory: Middle East and North Africa

Headshot of Sarah Mackey

Sarah Mackey

Assistant Director

+1 513-556-3582

Specialty: International Agents & Overseas Offices

Headshot of Maria Mallory

Maria Mallory

Admissions Counselor

+1 513-556-1352

Territory: Europe, Central Asia, East Asia, Pakistan

Headshot of Nick Paddock

Nick Paddock

Senior Admissions Counselor

+1 513-556-3614

Territory: Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa

Headshot of Sarah Shepherd

Sarah Shepherd

Program Manager

+1 513-556-3556

Specialty: International Pathway Program

Headshot of Charlie Schwartz

Charlie Schwartz

Associate Director

+1 513-556-0007

Territory: The Caribbean, Central America, and South America

Headshot of Dr. Jon Weller

Dr. Jon Weller


+ 513-556-1073

China Staff

Headshot of Cary Lin

Cary Lin

Senior Recruitment Officer

+86 67085400

Headshot of Christina Liu

Christina Liu

China Manager

+86 10-67083595

Headshot of Grace Zhang

Grace Zhang

Senior Recruitment Officer

+86 10-67085400

India Staff

Headshot of Kushala Mahadeshwar

Kushala Mahadeshwar

South Asia Manager

+91 91-67228011

Headshot of Priyanka Karia

Priyanka Karia

India Country Coordinator

+91 9167255440

Vietnam Staff

Headshot of Thanh Nguyen

Thanh Nguyen

Senior Recruitment Officer

+84 090 938 1390

Additional Support

The University of Cincinnati has a large network of official representatives throughout the world to assist students interested in studying at UC. These representatives can answer all of your questions and help you complete the undergraduate admissions process quickly. Find your local representative.

If your country does not have an official representative, you can also receive in-country application assistance by contacting any EducationUSA office. EducationUSA is a network of more than 400 advising centers supported by the US Department of State offering guidance to those interested in studying in the USA.

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