International Agent Network

The University of Cincinnati has a large network of official representatives throughout the world to assist students interested in studying at UC. These representatives can answer all of your questions and help you complete the admissions process quickly.

Group of students and staff at UC

UC Agent Network

Please note that UC has active partnerships solely with the agencies listed below. 

Have questions about our agent partnerships? Contact us at

Find your nearest agent and their contact information.
AAC Advanced Technology  Vietnam   Vietnam    
Aaditya Education and Migration (AEMS) India India
Abacus Overseas Education Advisors Pvt. Ltd. India India
Abroad Campus India India
Access American Education USA Vietnam
Adventus Sri Lanka Global
AGM Spain Spain
ALPS India India
Aoji Enrolment Centre of International Education Ltd. China China
Beijing Bright Future         China China
Beijing JJL Overseas Education Consulting & Service China China
Beijing Maxsine International Education, Science and Technology Co. Ltd China China
Beijing Prepare Education & Technology Co. Ltd. China China
Beijing Yucheng Guoxue Culture Communication       China China  
Blue Ivy Mexico Mexico  
Bright Can-Achieve Consultants Ltd China China
Career Mosaic India India
CollegeConnect India India
Computrain India India
Council for American Education India India
Disha Consultants India India
Education First Pvt. Ltd. Nepal Nepal
Education Path Vietnam Vietnam
Edubridge  Vietnam Vietnam  
EduGlobal China Ltd.  China China
Edulink Vietnam Vietnam educationlink
Edulinx China China
Edu4life Overseas Vietnam Vietnam
Edwise Foundation Nepal Nepal
Edwise International India India
EGP Plus Co. Ltd. Vietnam Vietnam
EIC Ltd. China China
ELS - India India India
ELS United States Worldwide
FACT Dubai United States India, Oman, South Africa, UAE
GeeBee India India
Global Education Alliance Ltd. (GEA) Hong Kong Hong Kong, Macau, China
Global Education Mentorship (GEM) India India
Golden Education Co. Limited  China China
Global Tree India India
Golden Ball Co. Ltd. Vietnam Vietnam
Hoang Gia Service and Trading Company Ltd. Vietnam Vietnam
iae HOLDINGS Japan Worldwide
IDP Education Australia Worldwide
IEI Peru Peru Peru
Imperial Overseas India India
Interlink Education Vietnam Vietnam
International Scholarship Network Vietnam Vietnam
ISC Group Worldwide Colombia Colombia
Ivy Prep Education  Vietnam   Vietnam  
IQ Education Consultants UAE UAE, India, South Asia
Krishna Consultants/KC Overseas Education Private Limited India India
Liu Cheng International Group Ltd. China China
Manya Education Pvt. Ltd. India India
MK Education Vietnam Vietnam
New Oriental China China
OH! Study Taiwan Taiwan
Oxbridge Education China China
Rosso Art & Design Education  China China  
Shanghai Sunmao Industry Limited Company China China  
Shinyway International China China
Study Metro Edu Consultants  India India  
The Chopras (N&N Chopra Consultants Pvt. Ltd.) India India
TR Texas Training and Consulting Services India India
University Study USA Worldwide
Universal Study Consulting Vietnam Vietnam
Ustudy Global LLC Israel Israel, Mexico, India
Wiseway China China
Yathapu Consulting Private Limited (I-20 Fever) India India
Yes Atlas UAE UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Mexico
YOLA Vietnam Vietnam