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Resources for High School Counselors

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We understand the integral role high school counselors play in a student’s academic journey and appreciate your dedication to their future. As you prepare students for college, we encourage you to explore our counselor resources below. We hope they equip both you and your students with the tools needed to determine next steps in confidence.

UC Admission Information

Common Application

The University of Cincinnati accepts the Common Application. We also encourage a letter of recommendation or a counselor report.

Application Deadlines and Resources

For more information on the UC application process, please refer to our Application Information and Checklist page to ensure your students are on the right track. 

Our admissions staff members look forward to meeting you in person, but until then, find your regional or high school admissions representative.

Important Application Dates

Early Action Scholarship Deadline: December 1

Fall Application Deadline: July 1

Spring Application Deadline: November 1

Summer Application Deadline: March 1

UC Slate Portal for High School Counselors

Slate.org is a free tool the University of Cincinnati utilizes to help school counselors, independent counselors, and community-based organizations organize and monitor student applications in one place. 

Slate allows counselors to conveniently and securely submit application-related materials directly to participating colleges and universities. You can also use Slate to: 

  • Track your applicant’s real-time status

  • Receive notice of university decisions

  • Upload documents like transcripts, letters of recommendation and other needed materials

Please note: The University of Cincinnati will only display a student’s decision to you after a student has viewed it.

Many colleges and universities are already sharing applicant information through Slate, and more begin sharing all the time. Our hope is that Slate will become a valuable tool for you and your colleagues in helping to manage the application process.

It is our strong preference to receive documents electronically – whether it’s through Common App, Naviance, Parchment or a similar platform. Even if you typically utilize one of these options, there may be times you find you need to submit a corrected transcript or another non-standard document.  We don’t currently envision Slate replacing the functionality of the platforms above, but it is simply another option to submit that information securely. If you work at a school that does not have access to electronic document submission, Slate will provide this functionality.

If you have previously submitted documents through the Common Application, you are pre-approved for a Slate.org account. To register, visit Slate.org and click "Counselors Join Here.”

Important Codes for the University of Cincinnati

ACT (optional): 3340

SAT (optional): 1833

FAFSA: 003125

Accessibility Resources for Incoming Students

As you support students who need accessibility accommodations in their transition to the University of Cincinnati, the Office of Accessibility Resources is here to help. 

Accessibility Resources provides academic accommodations and/or supportive services to ensure registered students with disabilities have equal access and opportunities to thrive in college and, upon completion, compete for professional careers.

Please note that the accommodations a student receives in high school will not automatically carry over to UC. As such, if a student of yours needs assistance with an Individualized Education Program (IEP), 504 Plan, or other related resources, please review the steps to register for accommodations and services and share this information with your students.

Contact Info

If you or your students have any questions about the accessibility resources UC offers and/or need help registering for these services, please reach out to the office listed below.

Accessibility Resources

Tel: (513) 556-6823

Email: accessresources@uc.edu

Explore Our Campus

The University of Cincinnati’s award-winning campus takes spirit and innovation to the next level. Home to well-known traditions, photo-op spots and hidden gems, its striking architecture and beautiful landscaping set the scene for thriving student life.

Visit UC

Come and feel the UC excitement for yourself! We greatly appreciate every opportunity to host high school students and show them what all of the hype is about. Explore our tour options below:

Additional Counselor Resources

Frequently Asked Questions for High School Counselors

We hope the information below serves as a helpful and quick resource. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions or your admissions representative.


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