Value in Education

Scholarship Opportunities

Co-op: Earn Money and Gain Experience

  • Cooperative Education: earn up to $40,000 or more and gain over a year of work experience - helping you pay for school and giving you an edge in the job market upon graduation!

Advanced Credit

Accelerated Degree Programs

  • Earn both an undergraudate and graduate degree, saving time and money! There are multiple options offered through

Tuition Rates & Fees

Low Cost of Living

  • Cincinnati has a cost of living well below the USA average - live in a major US city without the major costs!

UC Blue Ash

  • An alternative to community college, UC Blue Ash offers small classes, personal attention, reduced tiuition, and many other benefits. UC Blue Ash students are full UC students and can work toward a Main Campus degree without adding extra time to get their degree.

Additional Resources