The Value of a UC Education

When looking for a university in the United States, you want opportunities. You want more than just a great education. You want to open doors and gain professional skills. At the University of Cincinnati, we can give you all those things and more. Cincinnati is ranked #1 for Return on Investment (PolicyMic).

UC Global Scholarship

The UC Global Scholarship awards between $1,000 and $25,000 per year to qualifying students. Every first-year student who completes an application will be considered for this scolarship. You don't have to apply!

Co-op: Earn Money and Gain Experience

  • Cooperative Education was invented at UC over 100 years ago! This amazing program helps students earn up to $40,000 or more and gain over a year of work experience before graduating. 
  • You do not pay university tuition fees while in co-op placement.
  • You can help pay your tuition with these real-world job experiences.

Advanced Credit

Transferring advanced credits like IB, A-Level, or GAC can save up to one year's worth of time and money! Please send us your scores if you have taken these credits.

Accelerated Degree Programs

Earn both an undergraudate and graduate degree, saving time and money! There are multiple options offered through:

Tuition Rates & Fees

The Estimated Cost of Attendance is kept reasonable to promote value in your education.

Low Cost of Living

Cincinnati has a cost of living well below the USA average and has been named one of the 5 Most Affordable Cities in the US (Business Insider). UC students live in and enjoy a major US city without the major costs!

UC Blue Ash

An alternative to community college, UC Blue Ash offers small classes, personal attention, reduced tuition, and many other benefits. UC Blue Ash students are full UC students and can work toward a Main Campus degree without adding extra time to get their degree.

Additional Resources

Please see our list of non-UC scholarship resources for international students.