Celebrating First-Generation College Students

The University of Cincinnati (UC) is committed to recruiting a diverse and academically talented undergraduate student population.

At UC, first-generation college students are defined as students whose parent(s)/guardian(s) did not earn a bachelor's degree within six years after high school graduation.

First-generation students make up approximately 25% of our student body across all campuses, and we have outlined the resources below to support you in your application process through graduation.  

UC hosts a variety events and program to engage our prospective students. Below is a video from Bearcats Scholars: The Cincinnati Experience, an overnight visit opportunity for students of color and/or first-generation college students to meet other future Bearcats, experience our campus culture, and see what the Cincinnati area has to offer.

Support Services  

UC offers a number of different support services and opportunities for first-generation students. Learn more about these programs below.

  • 1MPACT House is a residence hall on UC’s Uptown Campus, located in Building 12 of Stratford Heights. In order to be accepted to 1MPACT House, students must be either first-generation college student, underrepresented minority, and/or Pell-eligible. Living in the 1MPACT House supports your transition to college and introduces you to programs and resources that enhance your success in three areas: Academics, Personal, and Social.
  • Please visit the 1MPACT House web page for more information.
  • Housed in the Division of Student Affairs, Gen-1 is a groundbreaking UC program that is the nation's first living-learning community, established in 2008 to focus on first-generation, Pell-eligible college students. First-year Gen-1 students are required to live in 1MPACT House, which offers programming purposefully grounded in four pillars: Live, Learn, Give, and Earn, which fosters success and enriches their university experience. Lastly, Gen-1 students receive a scholarship that is renewable as long as they remain in good standing with the program. 
  • Please visit the Gen-1 Program web page for more information.
  • The African-American Cultural and Resources Center (AACRC) offers the Transitions Program as a first-year experience opportunity. Transitions is designed to enhance the first-year experience for incoming students of color by providing leadership training, workshops, peer mentoring, social and academic activities to help enhance the success of students. 
  • Please visit the Transitions (AACRC) web page for more information.
  • The Darwin T. Turner scholarship program through the Office of Ethnic Programs & Services is designed to promote academic excellence, foster diversity, and provide leadership and service opportunities to incoming underrepresented students. Darwin T. Turner scholars receive a full in-state tuition scholarship, in expectation of participation in developmental programs and activities. 
  • Please visit the Darwin T. Turner (EPS) web page for more information.


Additional Important Resources 

Bellow you will find additional important resources available at UC's Uptown and regional campuses.

  • At the UC Blue Ash regional campus, nearly half of the students are first-generation college students. UC Blue Ash has many resources to support students. Visit UC Blue Ash Resources to learn more and see some first-gen student stories.
  • The UC Clermont campus provides students with the resources they need for college success. First-generation college students make up 52% of the Clermont campus population and there are many programs and resources available for support. Visit UC Clermont Resources to see resources available. 

UC's Uptown campus is committed to assisting our first-generation college students, offering a wide range of resources to support and engage with students and their families. 

Academic Advising

  • Academic Advising is provided to all students through our various academic colleges to help students navigate their academic journeys throughout the duration of their degree programs.  

Accessibility Resources

  • We provide students with disabilities the necessary accommodations and accessibility to our community and classrooms, both on campus and in our online spaces.

Counseling and Psychological Services

  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is available to students in times of need. UC CAPS offers a wide variety of mental health services and resources to support students. 

Financial Aid

  • At UC, we understand that college is an investment in your future. Our Financial Aid office is here to ensure that our students are educated and have the resources to help make their education as affordable as possible.   

Student Employment

  • Working on campus is an excellent way to earn money while attending college. There are numerous positions available to both work study and non-work study students through our various offices and locations on campus.  

Parent & Family Programs

  • Keeping the families of our students connected with UC is an important piece to ensuring that students can navigate the UC experience successfully. Parent & Family Programs and its services provide families useful information and resources to help support their student in that journey.