Frequently Asked Questions for High School Counselors

We appreciate your dedication to your students! As you navigate this process with them, please use the information below as a resource. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions or your admissions representative.

Students must submit official copies of their high school transcripts in order to complete their application. A transcript is considered official if it is:

  • A hard copy, printed, signed, and sealed by a high school guidance counselor and either mailed or hand-delivered by the counselor or student to the Undergraduate Office of Admissions

  • Sent electronically via Naviance, SCRIP-SAFE, or a similar document organization system

Transcripts should not be sent via PDF, email, or fax.

If mailing a transcript, please mail it to:

University of Cincinnati

Office of Admissions

PO Box 210091

Cincinnati, OH 45221-0091


As part of the first-year application process, we do encourage a letter of recommendation or a counselor report.

As part of the first-year application process, we encourage a letter of recommendation or a counselor report. These should be submitted by mail or through the Common Application and come directly from the recommender.

We encourage students to reach out to recommenders who can share a unique perspective about their strengths, interests, and potential fit at the University of Cincinnati. We are excited to read letters that tell us something new about the student that they may be shy about sharing somewhere else in their application. We are also happy to speak over the phone or in person about any recommendation you feel needs further explanation.

There is a $50 application fee (non-refundable) to apply to the University of Cincinnati. Students who are eligible for a fee waiver may submit the NACAC Fee Waiver. Guidance counselors must complete and submit the form directly to Cincinnati's Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Please review our information about the Admission Decision Process and Timeline.

If your student has already submitted their application but has yet to enroll in classes, the Office of Admissions can help them change their major preferences. Students should contact an admissions counselor and they will walk them through the steps necessary to change their preferred major.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to host groups of high school students. If you are interested in bringing a class or other group of students to campus, please look into scheduling a Group Tour.

If you have 10 or more counselors interested in visiting campus together, we encourage you to request a Group Tour. However, if a smaller group of counselors from your office or department would like to visit campus, please reach out to your admissions representative. We will work to help you schedule a visit.