Preparing Your Student for College

Although it is ultimately a student's responsibility to complete their application and decide on a college that best meets their needs, we appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with you as you help prepare your student for this next big step. Please use the resources provided to become familiar with what the University of Cincinnati has to offer and how you can be involved in the student's process.

If your student is still in high school, there are several things they can do to prepare for their college search.

Students should...

  • begin to explore their passions and make a list of college majors in which they may be interested
  • be aware of the course requirements at their high school and determine what classes they should take to prepare for graduation and the transition to college
  • become familiar with the University of Cincinnati's application process and ensure they schedule enough time to devote to homework, outside activities, and their college applications
  • get to know their teachers and counselors who may write letters of recommendation for them when it comes time to apply to college
  • attend one of the many summer programs or day camps offered at the University of Cincinnati
  • take a stab at either the SAT or ACT during the spring of their junior year to get a feel for the test and determine what areas they need to improve upon in preparation for submitting scores to various colleges
    • please be advised, the University of Cincinnati is offering test-optional admission to students applying for the fall 2021 and fall 2022 terms
    • an SAT or ACT score will not be required for applicants who wish to be considered for these upcoming semesters
    • FAQ regarding test-optional
  • practice writing essay responses that could be submitted with their colleges applications - the University of Cincinnati shares their first-year application writing prompts before the application opens to give students more time to work on them

Deadline Information

Although your student should keep track of these important deadlines, it wouldn't hurt to have them in multiple calendars throughout your home. We will send email reminders to students throughout the process, however a nudge every now and then from friends and family can be helpful as well!

Tips and Resources

As your student prepares their application, feel free to point them toward our tips and resources information. We have put this together to guide students through the application process so they are able to complete all the necessary steps on time and to the best of their abilities.

Remember, you and your student are not alone in this! We highly recommend that you get to know your student's guidance counselor and encourage your student to meet with them regularly. Additionally, the University of Cincinnati Office of Admissions staff looks forward to assisting you and your student during this process. We are here to help!