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Who are the ROAR Guides?

Univeristy of Cincinnati campus tour guides are called ROAR Guides. ROAR Guides are current students with a passion for their school and are eagar to share that passion with potential, future Bearcats. ROAR Guides represent every academic college on campus, including but not limited to the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Nursing, and the Lindner College of Business. They are also highly involved on campus in student organizations ranging from nonprofit volunteering, academic groups, Greek life, and band. On average, ROAR Guides are involved in 2-3 student organizations in addition to ROAR.

"I remember my first tour at UC and how great of an experience it was! It helped me fall in love with the campus and I want to give that same excitement to prospective students!"

    -Katie Leonard, Nursing

ROAR Tour is a way for me to show high school students that they can reach their full potential at UC! I have had a unique experience at UC that has given me the resources to attend medical school next year. I love sharing my journey with others to inspire them that they can succeed here too!

Tanvi Sumit Medical Science

Homecoming 2019, football team defeats UConn

"I chose to be a tour guide because I wanted to be able to share my experiences on campus with prospective students and future Bearcats! I love being able to share our beautiful campus with families who are interested!"

    - Ariel Swanson, Political Science and Journalism

Feel free to ask your ROAR Guide questions about campus life, university housing options, student organizations and involvement, and classes while on your tour. Our ROAR Guides can provide potential, future Bearcats with insight only a current student could provide! 

"I wanted to be a ROAR Tour Guide to help the transition between high school to college. I know it can be hard deciding on what school is the best fit, and to help someone like others have influenced me would be great! Also, I am very passionate about UC and everything this university has to offer. Go Bearcats!"

Colin Finnecy Marketing

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Roar Guides


Roar Guides with the Bearcat Statue at University Pavilion

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McKenna Clark

Program Manager, ROAR Guide Staff, Events

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