Transfer Students

Transfer Preview and Tours

Whether you are coming from across the country or from one of our local community colleges, we are here to help you through the transfer process. Please refer to the information provided to determine how you can apply for admission.

Students who have earned a high school diploma or GED and have attended a college or university other than the University of Cincinnati since earning their high school credentials are Transfer Students.

Other Admissions Circumstances 

  • Transition Students: Information for students who are currently enrolled in a University of Cincinnati college and wish to apply for admission to a program in a different University of Cincinnati college
  • International Students: Information about admission requirements to transfer from an overseas university
  • Non-Degree Seeking Students: Information for students who wish to attend the University of Cincinnati and take classes but not earn a degree
  • Senior Audit Program: Information for intellectually curious seniors (60 or older) from the state of Ohio who would like to audit courses for free
  • Readmission: Information for students who have attended the University of Cincinnati, taken some time off without attending any other college or university, and wish to return to Cincinnati
  • Information for students who have DACA status 
  • Information about requesting to defer your application to a future semester
  • Questions? Contact the Transfer Admissions Team.