Regional Campuses

The University of Cincinnati has two regional campuses, UC Blue Ash College and UC Clermont College. Both colleges are open admission institutions, providing access to higher education to anyone with a high school diploma or equivalency. Each college offers approximately 50 academic programs that provide students with many options and flexibility. Additionally, both have rolling admission policies which allow students to enroll during any academic semester: fall, spring or summer. 

UC Blue Ash College

UC Blue Ash College is the largest regional college in Ohio with an enrollment of just under 5,000 students. The scenic campus is located in the thriving suburb of Blue Ash, Ohio, just 12 miles northeast of Uptown Campus. It features six buildings that cover 135 acres in a park-like setting. 

UC Clermont College

UC Clermont College is a regional campus with enrollment of just under 3,000 students. The campus is located in the center of Clermont County – featuring 6 buildings on 91 beautiful wooded acres in Batavia Township, approximately 22 miles east of Uptown Campus.  

Your Path to a UC Degree

Every student’s path to a degree is unique. Each campus within the University of Cincinnati system offers students a world-class education and the support they need to determine the best educational path to meet their goals.

Types of Degrees Offered 

Access to UC's Uptown Campus

Students who attend UC Clermont College or UC Blue Ash College have full access to UC's Uptown Campus libraries, student support services, student clubs, fraternities, sororities, intramural sports, and athletic events.

Planned to go to Uptown but changed your mind?

If you originally confirmed your admission to UC’s Uptown Campus but are now considering a regional campus option, here’s what you’ll need to do!

  1. Talk with your admissions counselor or academic advisor. In many cases, the move to a regional campus for confirmed Uptown students is pretty easy but we want to make sure you’ve considered factors such as the competitiveness of your admitted program. 
  2. Once you’ve determined this is the best path to take, contact UC Blue Ash, UC Clermont, or Uptown Campus Admissions to officially move your application.
  3. After this change form is processed, you’ll work with an academic advisor at your new college (UC Blue Ash or UC Clermont) to put together a new schedule of courses that are offered by the new college.

Tuition & Aid

A college education is one of the best investments you can make and we want to help you understand how to make your education as cost-effective as possible. Financial assistance, scholarships, and other ways to offset costs (i.e. co-op earnings) should be considered when deciding where to attend. Learn more about tuition and aid available at UC. >>

Students who were originally enrolled in an Uptown Campus program and who have taken the steps necessary to move to either UC Blue Ash or UC Clermont will see a change in their tuition only after they’ve enrolled in new courses at the regional college of their choice. Here are some important things to note about tuition and fees for regional campus students:

  • After a student changes their academic program to one offered by a regional UC college, the Student Life fee will be removed from their tuition bill. However, they will no longer have access to the Campus Rec Center on Uptown Campus without paying a fee.
  • First-year students at UC Blue Ash are required to take all their classes at UC Blue Ash until they have earned over 24 college credits at UC. These credits must be earned after high school graduation (CCP and AP credits are not part of this total). 
  • UC Clermont students are permitted to take up to 6 credit hours of course work each semester at UC’s Uptown Campus and still be billed at the UC Clermont tuition rate. The student must be enrolled as a full-time student to take advantage of this policy. If they register for more than 6 credit hours at UC Uptown, their bill will have additional charges per credit hour for each additional hour enrolled at UC Uptown. These additional credit hours will be billed at the UC Uptown rate.
Google Map of UC Campus Locations