Creating Your Student Accounts

After you receive an offer of admission... will receive an email titled "Important University of Cincinnati System Access Information." Within this email you will find information about the Catalyst Student Portal. Catalyst serves as your hub and self-service center for information and actions you can take as an admitted, enrolled, or current student such as:

  • Check the status of your financial aid
  • Run a Transfer Credit Evaluation Report
  • Search for available classes

Accessing Catalyst

Access Catalyst at and log in using your username and password.

  • If you have not signed in previously, search your email account using "Catalyst" to find the introductory email sent to you when you applied for admission.
    • You can also find your UC username by visiting
    • Once you have obtained your username, new students will need to set up their profile using the initial password Uc!MMDDYYYY (where MMDDYYYY is your full date of birth).

If you can't find this information in your inbox or need other technical support, contact the Help Desk now at or by phone at 513-556-4357 or use the online personal information resource provided by OneStop.

After you confirm your admission... will receive an email with instructions for setting up your University of Cincinnati email address. It may take 2-3 business days for this email to arrive in your inbox. After setting up your university email address, you should plan to check this email account often because this is how you will receive any important information from the University of Cincinnati during your time as a student.

If it has been several weeks since you have completed the confirmation process please first check your applicant status page to ensure that you have fully confirmed by submitting the Confirmation Form as well as the Confirmation Fee. If you have fully confirmed and still have not received an email with instructions to set up your new email address, please contact the Office of Admissions.