Zion Simpson

Zion Simpson, wearing a mask, sitting in front of a view in Athens, Greece.


Education: B.A. in Business Management, co-major in Business Law, Ethics, and Decision Making from Indiana University Bloomington Kelley School of Business Class of 2023. 

Best College Experience: My favorite college experience was getting the opportunity to perform for IU Alumnus and professional musician Ms. Crystal Taliaferro and getting to speak to her. She is an amazing performer and such a great artist, and I was definitely grateful for the opportunity to show her my talents, and even learn a little bit about performance technique from her!

Favorite Restaurant in Cincinnati: My favorite restaurant near Cincinnati definitely has to be Onoliscious, which is a hawaiian food place near Walnut St. Its amazing, and the food is so good! Really takes me back home. 

Favorite TV Show: My favorite TV show of all time has to be Naruto. It was one of the first animes that I became a fan of, and I love the intricacy of the story and the character development as well. 

Favorite Book: My favorite book is any book in the Percy Jackson Series. I was a huge greek mythology buff, and the Percy Jackson series helped me to learn a little more about the greek stories while at the same time experiencing a fantastical world in which the greek gods were real and operated. Those books were really amazing, and I am excited to see what they do with this new on screen adaptation coming out on Disney+!

Most Memorable Place I've Ever Visited: The most memorable place I’ve ever visited Athens, Greece. Like I mentioned before, I was a huge greek history buff, and to be able to see all of the sites I had only ever read about with my own eyes was a dream come true for me. Also the food was so good! I still cant figure out how they get their chicken to taste so heavenly.

Still on my Bucket List:  Some places that are still on my bucket list, including Japan (especially Kyoto), Tahiti, South Africa, Jamaica, South Korea, and Spain!