Campus Support Offices and Services

The University of Cincinnati has a variety of support services and offices available to students. From identity centers to summer bridge programs, the university works to offer academic and social resources for students from all walks of life.

Identity Centers and Support Offices

The African American Cultural & Resource Center (AACRC) supports the mission of the university by recruiting and retaining students of diverse identities at the University of Cincinnati. The AACRC’s primary focus is to address the academic, social, spiritual, and cultural needs of the African American student population.

The Office of Ethnic Programs and Services (EPS) strives to actively promote the mission of the University by advancing the growth, matriculation, recruitment, and retention of African American, Asian Pacific Islander American, Latino, Multiracial/Biracial, and Native American students. We challenge all forms of systematic oppression that have historically inhibited the personal development of students of color attending predominantly white colleges and universities in the United States.

The LGBTQ Center supports the mission of the University of Cincinnati through a commitment to diversity, equity, leadership development, and intellectual inquiry with particular respect to sexual orientation and gender identity. The Center is an inclusive campus community that welcomes people of all sexual orientations and gender identities and provides support, resources, and advocacy.

The UC Women’s Center is committed to the personal, political, professional, and intellectual growth of women students at the University of Cincinnati by facilitating action, promoting intersectional justice, and fostering connections for all students. We strive to challenge gender inequities and advance the rights of all women through elevating student activism and leadership.

Gen-1 is a groundbreaking University of Cincinnati program that is the nation’s first living-learning community to focus on the support and development of first-generation college students. First-generation college students are defined as students whose parent(s)/guardian(s) did not complete a four-year college degree. Gen-1 provides support and scholarships to first-generation, Pell-eligible students as they transition to UC and work to complete their degree.

Student Activities & Leadership Development provides a vibrant Bearcat community through advocacy, engagement, education, and inclusion. Staff within SALD support students as they pursue their interests and make connections by engaging in the many campus organizations at Cincinnati, nearly 50 of which directly serve multicultural populations.

Summer Bridge and Support Programs

UC Scholars

The UC Scholars Academy bridge program with Hughes STEM High School focuses on college readiness for the scientists and engineers of tomorrow.

The Emerging Ethnic Engineers (E3) Program is a comprehensive, nationally respected program that seeks to increase the number of African American , Latino/a, and Native American students in the College of Engineering while helping such students achieve excellence in college and beyond.

The Leadership 2.0 Program is a comprehensive program that seeks to increase the number of students in the College of Nursing who are first generation, of an underrepresented ethnicity/race, gender, and/or who are economically disadvantaged, while helping such students achieve excellence in college and beyond.

Emerging women leaders and emerging leaders of color that are rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors are immersed in a week-long overnight experience that introduces them to business education and the multi-faceted business world.

Staffed by the Office of the Vice President for Equity & Inclusion, the Office of Equity & Inclusion’s President’s Diversity Council serves as the university-level governance committee charged with building institution-wide capacity to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse campus that embraces diversity as one of its core values, infusing every aspect of campus life and purpose, and every measure of success.

The Accessibility Resources Office at the University of Cincinnati serves students with disabilities by fostering an environment that places independence, inclusion, and success at its core.

CAPS is a professional counseling office that provides counseling, outreach programs, and related services for UC students and those concerned about their welfare. They help students address and resolve personal issues so they can make the most of their educational opportunities at the university.

The University Honors Program is committed to helping students maximize their educational opportunities at UC while discovering and pursuing their passions in life and using their gifts and talents to make meaningful contributions to society.

UC International facilitates opportunities for international experiences and cultural exchange through three distinct offices: International Programs, International Services, and International Planning.

The Student Wellness Center empowers students to make informed decisions regarding their health and wellness by providing evidence-based education, inclusive resources, and non-judgmental support.

The Division of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education serves as a fully integrated career preparation hub within the University of Cincinnati. As the global birthplace of cooperative education, the division is a recognized leader in real world education and provides students, employers, and partners a single point of contact for experience-based learning opportunities and transition-to-career services.