Accelerated College English Program

ACE Student Success

Luis Rafael Beleno Castillo | Business | Colombia

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(6:38 minutes)

“So, before [I learned] about this program, I didn't feel comfortable with my English level. After spending one year in this program, I felt comfortable talking with face to face with other people. It's like one year before, I couldn't do this interview with you. Now I think my English improved.” 

- Luis Rafael Beleno Castillo

Uyen Kaylee Nguyen | Finance | Vietnam

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(3:44 minutes)

"I have a lot of challenges to get exposed to the English culture. That's why I choose to be part of the ACE program. I want to improve my English skills in writing and speaking as well."

- Uyen Kaylee Nguyen

Aniketh Singh | Information Technology | India

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 (5:53 minutes)

"I was a bit good in English but, you know, I had to cope with American slangs and everything. So the ACE program from UC was a very good start for me. It helped me get better in all the slangs and other areas I wanted too."

- Aniketh Singh

Zedekia Samara | Information Technology | Tanzania

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 (9:64 minutes)

“Being here in these new environments where English is the only spoken language, it has been pretty smooth, and having the ACE program to boost it up with the instructors that are quite understanding and the way of teaching that's pretty accommodating for the people that are eager to learn.”

- Zedekia Samara

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