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Designed for students who are thinking of studying at the University of Cincinnati but their English skills are not strong enough for direct admissions. The International Pathway Program is a two semester program (one academic year) that provides English as a Second Language courses while also taking major-based classes that will count as credit towards their degree. After successfully completing the International Pathway Program, students are guaranteed full admission into their selected major.

  • Take degree courses immediately and finish bachelor's degree in only 4 years.
  • No extra cost! Students pay the same tuition as all Cincinnati's main campus programs.
  • Participate in Cincinnati's world-renowned co-op program or other experience based learning.
  • Dedicated Pathway adviser to make sure they take the right steps to graduate on-time.
  • Enjoy all the benefits of the university, such as on-campus housing, access to libraries, recreation center and more.
  • Earn scholarships once student complete the program.

The International Pathway Program offers 100+ majors across three academic colleges. You can find program options under the following colleges:

The Pathway Program is integrated into each major; providing both intensive English language training and major-based classes for the first year at the University of Cincinnati. Students will be working closely with their academic advisers throughout the duration of the program to closely monitor progress and provide academic coaching/resources.  

Once students complete the Pathway Program, they will apply to transition into their major of choice. To see full course descriptions for each major, visit the undergraduate programs curriculum website

Below is an example of a Pathway student seeking a Bachelors of Science in Chemisty.

Sample first-year curriculum for Pathway student seeking Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
Semester One
CHEM 1040L
General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 1040
General Chemistry
MATH 1040 Applied Calculus I 3
ESL 1068 Foundations of Academic Writing 3
ESL 1069 Success in Undergraduate Writing 3
ESL 1071 Basic Oral Presentation Skills 3
Total 17
Semester Two
CHEM 1041L General Chemistry Laboratory II 1
CHEM 1041 General Chemistry II 4
MATH 1045 Applied Calculus II 3
ESL 1070 Intro into English Composition 3
ESL 1074 Oral Presentation Skills 3
ESL 1076 US Culture and Communication 3
Total 17


  • Fall Semester: July 1*
  • Spring Semester: November 1

*CCM Pathway applications are only accepted for fall semester and must follow direct admission deadlines

A student will be reviewed for admission once all of the following are received by the Office of International Admissions:

High School Transcripts 
Official transcripts showing the current year's subjects and the previous 3 years' subjects are required. Transcripts should include a certified English translation (if needed). The International Pathway Program is only available to high school graduates enrolling as first-time freshmen.

Online Application
A&S and LCB Pathway students must apply via the online application

CCM Pathway students must apply via the Common Application and audition in order to be considered for admission.

Applicants must submit their application and all required documents before the deadline.

Financial Documentation
In order to expedite the admissions decision, students must submit the Financial Certification Form along with required financial support documentation. 

Proof of English Ability
Students must submit an official English language test score or ELS 109 Certificate in addition to their high school transcripts. 

Proof of English Ability Requirements by Admission Type
Test Direct Admission Pathway


14 Writing



5.0 Writing

ELS 112 109  
SAT 1060


460 Evidence-Based Reading & Writing

ACT 21


18 English Composition

Proof of Math Ability
An official math test score is required for students applying for the LCB Pathway and is optional for all others. 

Proof of Math Ability Requirements
UC Math Placement Test SAT-I Math ACT Math
520 520 21

Students applying for the International Pathway Program pay identical tuition costs and fees as students who are directly admitted. Tuition is assessed on full-time enrollment based on two semesters of study (one academic year). 

Estimated Annual Expenses
Current Academic Year Cost
Tuition & Fees $26,584
Living Expenses* $16,446
Health Insurance $2,464
Total $45,494

*Costs include food, housing, travel, books, and international student fee.


Students who complete the Math Placement Test (MPT) prior to Orientation and the International Pathway Program with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher will receive a Global Scholarship, which will be renewable for the duration of the bachelor's degree.


Questions? Contact:

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Pathway Program Manager

+1 513-556-3556