Ohio Counselor Forum

Wednesday, Sept. 30 // 8:30 AM - 10:00 AM EST

Event Agenda

  • Admissions leadership and recruitment staff introductions
  • Campus and admissions updates: test-optional policies, admissions process, financial aid, remote learning, and more 
  • Q&A (group and optional one-on-one sessions)

Counselor Resources

  • DAAP Admissions
  • Optional Portfolio Review – For Fall 2021, the Architecture, Communication Design, Fashion Design, Fine Arts, Industrial Design, and Interior Design programs will now offer an optional portfolio review as part of the admissions process (previously offered only to students applying to the Fine Arts program). Students applying to any of the programs listed above will receive an email inviting them to submit a portfolio for admission consideration if they think that it strengthens their application.
  • For more information about our majors, please use the links below:
  • DAAPworks highlights the creative output of our graduating class. We invite you to explore the projects and share the link with students.
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  • DAAP Virtual Tour