Out of State Representatives

In which state do you attend high school?

Paula LaManna

Headshot of Paula LaManna

Paula LaManna

Northeast Ohio Regional Representative


States: Michigan

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Alexis Monroe

Headshot of Alexis Monroe

Alexis Monroe

Admissions Counselor


States: Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington D.C., West Virginia

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Nick Rejebian

Headshot of Nick Rejebian

Nick Rejebian

Admissions Counselor


Cities: Pittsburgh (PA)

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Jennifer Sloan

Headshot of Jennifer Sloan

Jennifer Sloan

Chicago Regional Enrollment Coordinator


States: Ala., Alaska, Ariz., Ark., Colo., Hawaii, Idaho, Ill., Iowa, Kan., La., Minn., Miss., Mo., Mont., Neb. Nev., N.M., N.C., N.D., Okla., Ore., S.C., S.D., Utah, Wisc., Wyo.

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Erin Stahl-Kiefer

Headshot of Erin Stahl-Kiefer

Erin Stahl-Kiefer

Greater New York Regional Enrollment Coordinator


States: California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont

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