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Your educational history and goals will determine which application is right for you. Please read the instructions carefully and select the appropriate application. 

Use the resources below to guide you throughout the application process. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact the Office of Admissions. 

Please Note: Some University of Cincinnati programs are now closed to new applicants for the fall 2018 semester. Please reference our Closed Programs list for more information.


First-year Applicants

Students who are entering college directly from high school and/or have never attended a college or university

Main Campus, First-year Application

UC Blue Ash, First-year Application

UC Clermont, First-year Application

International Conditional, First-year Application (القبول المشروط, Nhập học có điều kiện, 有条件录取)

Transfer Applicants

Students who have earned a high school diploma or GED and have attended another college or university

All Campuses

Early Childhood Education Online/Distance Learning Applicants

Students seeking admission to the Associate or Bachelor degree program offered online through the College of Education, Criminal Justice, & Human Services




Other Admissions Circumstances

Readmission Application

If you have attended the University of Cincinnati before and would like to attend again and have not attended any other institutions between your time at Cincinnati and now, you should complete the Application for Readmission.

Non-degree Seeking Students

If you would like to take classes but not earn a degree, you should complete the Basic Data Form

Transition Students

If you are currently enrolled in a University of Cincinnati college and wish to apply for admission to a program in a different University of Cincinnati college, you are considered a transition student and should work with Pathways Advising Center to complete the transition process. 

Graduate Students

If you are seeking admission to one of the University of Cincinnati's graduate programs, please visit The Graduate School website for more information.

College Credit Plus (CCP)

If you are a current high school student wishing to take classes at the University of Cincinnati as part of the College Credit Plus program, please visit the College Credit Plus website.




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