Maria Vasquez

Hannah Girman Traveling

Education: I have a Business degree with an emphasis in Hotel and Tourism Management and a Master of Tourism from Monash University.  

Best College Experience: The internship that I did in Nepal in the final year of my undergrad. I was able to work with communities and people from all around the world and implement different development projects in small villages. It was great to apply all of the knowledge I had gained during my degree and see I could make a difference. 

Favorite TV Show: Since watching TV shows and movies is my favorite hobby is very hard to just choose one but I would say that at the top of the list are Downton Abbey, Friends, Bety La fea (The original version which is the Colombian one), While you were sleeping, Racket Boys and Because this is my first life.  I am also a huge fan of Korean Dramas!  

Favorite Movie: Pride and Prejudice (The Keira Knightley version). This movie is so beautiful and well done. The actors (Matthew Macfadyen is just the perfect Mr Darcy), the cinematography, and the soundtrack are just flawless.  The Holiday and You've got mail are also on the top of the list.  

Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice! Although, I am a huge Jane Austen fan so I would say Persuasion and Emma are also among my favorite books.  

Most Memorable Place I've Ever Visited: Fiji, Most beautiful beaches I have ever seen.

Still on my bucket list: I would love to visit India, Japan, and Italy. I love eating and traveling and I think those countries offer the perfect combination of culture and amazing food.