CPS Ambassadors

Cincinnati Public Schools Ambassadors

Program Overview

The Cincinnati Public School (CPS) Ambassador Program is a collaboration between the University of Cincinnati and the District of Cincinnati Public Schools. The goal is to increase college access and knowledge through an intensive curriculum of coaching and support. The CPS Ambassador Program leverages peer-based learning rooted in: 

  • Commitment to College Pathways: The goal to increase the number of students pursuing post-secondary education options (community college or four-year university). 
  • Peer Coaching: The CPS Ambassador Program recognizes the power that lies in peer-to-peer learning and leverages the strength and talents of rising seniors within CPS to serve as peer coaches to 9th-12th graders. 
  • Research-Based Curriculum: We recognize that there is more than one pathway to and through college. Our curriculum encompasses research regarding being student-centered, self-authorship, and sense of belonging. We explore topics regarding college readiness, financial planning, determining "best fit," navigating the college search process, and increasing the number of CPS students who enroll in a post-secondary institution.  

The CPS Ambassador program is a 11-month position. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to earn approximately $1,000 in compensation throughout the year. Ambassadors will earn $10 per hour for a 70-hour mandatory summer training (Monday-Friday) July 12, 2021-July 23, 2021. Ambassadors earn $15 per hour during the school year for a total of approximately 30 hours of in-school programing, UC-specific programing, as well as semesterly team meetings. 

In addition to the monetary compensation, Ambassadors will experience benefits including but not limited to: 

  • A better understanding of the college search and application process. 
  • Development of leadership, communication, presentation, and event planning skills. 
  • The opportunity to network with peers and University of Cincinnati faculty and staff. 

Upon successful completion of the program, CPS Ambassadors that decide to continue their academic career at the University of Cincinnati will receive a financial grant in the amount of $2,000 to help cover their costs of attendance as well as a $500 UC bookstore voucher.  

CPS Ambassadors

2017 CPS Ambassadors

2017 Cohort

15 Cincinnati Public School students lined up for a group photo.

2018 Cohort

2019 CPS Ambassadors

2019 Cohort


Portrait photo of Lynch

Savannah Steele
Aiken High School 

“[The CPS Ambassador Program] enhanced my knowledge regarding life after college on levels I could have never imagined.” 


Jenia Howard
School for Creative and Performing Arts

“It taught me an abundance of knowledge when it comes to college and life after high school. Most importantly it allowed me to help my classmates." 


Avonah Gray
Aiken High School

“My experience with CPS Ambassadors was a very uplifting learning experience.”

Staff Contact Information

Cortney Matthews

Program Manager, CPS Ambassador Program

Email: cortney.matthews@uc.edu

Phone: 513-556-5405

Current Ambassadors and Liaison Counselors ONLY

As a part of the CPS Ambassador Program, each selected school with active ambassadors is required to complete a total of six programs throughout the academic school year.

All fall semester programs (August - December) should have an emphasis on the college-going knowledge and application processes.

All Spring semester programs (January - May) should have an emphasis on the Next Steps (post application) processes.

One ambassador is REQUIRED to fill out the program registration form once pre-approved by the liaison counselor in their high school, ideally two weeks pre-event start date. After program completion, ALL ambassadors who participated in the program creation MUST fill out the program evaluation form within one week of program completion. The CPS College Ambassador Handbook has detailed descriptions of program.