Abby Retallick

Assistant Director of Admissions

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Abby Retallick

Assistant Director of Admissions



Bachelor of Arts, Personnel & Industrial Relations
University of Cincinnati

About Me

Hometown: Maineville, Ohio

A class that changed my life: I am not sure that I really have one! I tried to take at least one little nugget of knowledge away from every class that I took - from Psychology to Economics, even Geology and Astronomy. One class I will never EVER forget is Psych 381!

Best college experience: EVERYTHING! I loved every minute of college, even the long nights of cramming for tests. It was all worth it in the end and it made me who I am today.

One piece of advice: Get as much as you can out of this time in your life - open your eyes and ears to new knowledge and experiences every chance you get... and SMILE!

Favorite movie: Favorite movie of all time hands down - Wizard of Oz. Return to Oz is also on my list close behind.