Nick Rejebian

Admissions Counselor

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Nick Rejebian

Admissions Counselor



Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and Economics

Dickinson College, 2017

About Me

Hometown: Evanston, Illinois

A class that changed my life: It’s really hard to narrow it down to one class. As a political science and economics major, a lot of my classes were interdisciplinary; and I am grateful to my advisor and mentors in undergrad for challenging me to take classes outside my comfort zone. The classes that challenged me to write and communicate my ideas better, let me be curious, and expected to think from multiple perspectives are the classes that changed my life. 

Best college experiences: Studying abroad in London; and attending random lectures/events because I was curious about the topic. These experiences pushed me out of my comfort zone, and helped me become comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

One piece of advice: Be intentional and genuine. Personally, I got the most out of my college experience when I was engaging in things (e.g. classes, extracurriculars, leadership opportunities) that I was genuinely interested in. 

Favorite movies: Knives Out and Black Panther

Favorite quote: “What is it you plan to do with your one, wild, and precious life” – Mary Oliver, A Summer Day