Facility Access

Buildings Open to Visitors

Academic Buildings

  • Lindner College of Business 

Student Resources

  • University Pavilion 
  • Tangeman University Center (Dining and University Bookstore)
  • Dining Halls (CenterCourt & MarketPointe)
    • Before entering a dining facility, all visitors will be required to complete a COVID symptom assessment form or download our COVID check app prior to their arrival on campus. Please be prepared to bring your results with you. All your answers to these questions on the paper form must be negative or you must receive the status “Clear for Campus” in the app in order to enter the dining facilities. If a guest does not have this upon arrival, they will be expected to complete the paper form when they arrive.
    • Visitors must wear masks for the duration of their campus visit, except for eating. No more than four people are permitted per table and proper social distancing is required.   

Buildings Not Open to Visitors

Academic Buildings

  • College of Allied Health (Health Sciences Building) 
  • College of Arts & Sciences (2925 Campus Green Drive Bldg)
  • College-Conservatory of Music (Mary Emery Hall) 
  • College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (Aronoff)
  • College of Education, Criminal Justice, Human Services and Information Technology (Teachers-Dyer Complex)
  • College of Engineering & Applied Science (Engineering Research Center)
  • College of Medicine (Medical Sciences Building) 
  • College of Nursing (Procter Hall) 

Student Resources & Housing

  • Campus Recreation Center 
  • Residence Halls