Challenge Rules

Here's how you play...

The instructions below will tell you how to move from status to status (Red Status, Black Status, Bearcats Ready). By attending more and more event sessions, you’ll check requirements off your list that allow you to move up and be eligible for new prizes or drawings. 

  • Attend 3 event sessions to earn Red Status. Each event session must be from a different category (see below for category information).
  • Earn Red Status.
  • Attend 2 additional event sessions. These must be from two categories you haven’t explored yet. You will have now attended event sessions from all five categories.
  • Check out our social media pages (TwitterFacebook, & Instagram), find the Bearcats Challenge post, like it, tag at least one friend, screenshot it, and email it to us at with the subject line “Bearcats Challenge Pic.” 
  • Earn Red and Black Status.
  • Attend 5 additional event sessions (1 more from all 5 categories). At this point, it’s clear you’re a top competitor!

As you level up to each status, we encourage you to keep track of your progress using the infographic below.

Bearcats Challenge Gameboard