Gain Real Opportunities at a US University for International Students

woman looking up with the US university for international students text box

When looking for a US university for international students, you want opportunities. You want more than just a good education—you want to open doors and gain professional skills.

UC’s co-op program offers you real opportunities. Co-op places students in the professional workforce. Students spend up to 18 months working—and earning money—in a workplace relevant to their degree.

UC invented the co-op program in 1906 and is consistently ranked by US News and World Report one of the world’s top co-op programs. This makes UC a great US university for international students. Here’s what UC’s co-op offers:

Gain practical experience with over 1,500 employers

Co-op places students in paid positions with over 1,500 employers, ranging from small professional firms to Fortune 500 companies. Among the choice of employers are famous companies like Disney, IBM, and BMW.

This is a great way to add professional experience to your resume. When you graduate, you’ll be able to point to your time in the workforce. More than a degree, you’ll have a professional career—what you want from a US university for international students.

Earn up to $40,000 without paying tuition fees

International students are allowed to work full-time—forty hours per week while in co-op placement. During this time they’ll be paid by their employer. What’s better—you do not pay university tuition fees while in co-op placement.

Over 18 months, international student co-op earnings can be up to $40,000. While the money you earn won’t be able to pay all your tuition fees, the 12-18 months of full time work can let you build up savings to support your studies.

Open doors in America

International students often come to America without knowing contacts in the American workforce. This can put them at a disadvantage when looking for future employment. A US university for international students should address this problem, and UC does.

Co-op placement lets you meet professionals in the industry you are studying for. Some students are able to find a job through these contacts. While this is not guaranteed, it does open up possible options for working in America after you graduate.

Available when you study a relevant degree

At any given time there are 5,000 students from UC engaged in co-op employment—it is not limited to those with outstanding academic results. Co-op placement is also available to all international students in relevant degrees. Some degrees have a mandatory co-op component, while for others it is optional.

More information about the degrees in which co-op employment is available can be found by clicking here. Take a look, and see what opportunities UC can offer as a US university for international students.