UC Slate Portal for High School Counselors

What is Slate?

Slate is a free tool for school counselors, independent counselors, and community-based organizations to monitor the application status of students through the admission process. Slate.org also allows counselors to conveniently and securely submit application-related materials directly to participating colleges and universities.

Slate is the application and communication software used by over 1000 colleges and universities, including Cincinnati.  Slate.org provides a counselor portal through which we can share nearly real-time details about the applicants from their school. Many colleges and universities are already sharing applicant information through Slate.org, and more begin sharing all the time.  Our hope is that Slate.org will become a valuable tool for you and your colleagues in helping to manage the sometimes chaotic application process.

How is the University of Cincinnati using the Slate portal?

We hope Slate will be a helpful tool for you to track your applicant’s status, receive notice of their decisions and upload documents. The University of Cincinnati will only display a student’s decision to you after a student has viewed it.

How to register

Visit Slate.org and click "Counselors Join Here".

How do permissions work?

One member of your school will be designated to manage permissions. If you have previously submitted documents through the Common Application, you are pre-approved for a Slate.org account.

Which documents can I upload through Slate?

You can upload all transcripts, letters of recommendation and other needed materials.

Why would I use Slate if my school already utilizes Common App, Naviance, SCOIR, or another platform to submit documents electronically?

It is our strong preference to receive documents electronically – whether it’s through Common App, Naviance, Parchment or a similar platform. Even if you typically utilize one of these options, there may be times you find you need to submit a corrected transcript or other non-standard document.  We don’t currently envision Slate replacing the functionality of the platforms above, but it is simply another option to submit that information securely. If you work at a school that does not have access to electronic document submission, Slate will provide this functionality.

How else may I utilize Slate?

Slate may also be used to schedule and advertise opportunities for college representatives to visit your school.