Nick Paddock

Nick sitting with artist from Thailand.

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts & Art Education, 
University of Cincinnati 

Best College Experience: One of the best college academic experiences I had was being taught by Patricia Renick in the School of Art at DAAP. She's was a world-renowned sculptor and brilliant professor that influenced me greatly. A couple of her sculptures can be seen on campus in Langsam Library. 

Favorite Restaurant in Cincinnati: Thai Express is my favorite because it serves the best Thai food in Cincinnati and is right next to campus.

Favorite TV Show: Schitt's Creek because it's such a funny show. 

Most Memorable Place I've ever Visited: The first time I traveled outside of the U.S. I went to Europe (Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, and Versailles) with a high school club. My favorite moments were small interactions that I had with people in restaurants as my friends and I enjoyed the European cuisine. That experience taught me to explore the world when I could and enjoy the people I meet along the way.

Equally as memorable was my time in Thailand while I was a Peace Corps volunteer from 2012-2014.

Nick and co-teacher making banana pancakes for students.
Nick with friends from US in Cambodia