Michael Painter

Admissions Counselor

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Michael Painter

Admissions Counselor



Bachelor of Arts, English
University of Dayton

About Me

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

A class that changed my life: My Senior Capstone was by far my favorite class. We took the last semester of college to write about our life stories, how UD had formed us, and to have impactful conversations about the callings/vocations that we’ve had in life. The professor made the class into discussions everyday.

Best college experience: That’s a tough one. It’d have to be between being a campus Tour Guide because I met some of the best people I know there or trying out for the school’s improv group. I never had done improv, but it became a passion of mine and helped me get comfortable being on stage in front of hundreds of people.

One piece of advice: Join a group or class that scares you. There’s a good chance you’ll gain a lot out of it, maybe even a new passion.

Favorite TV show: Seinfeld

Favorite song: “Monster Ballads” by Josh Ritter, He’s the best songwriter ever and doesn’t get enough attention.