The Cincinnati Experience

When choosing the university that will be the best fit for you, it's important to consider all aspects of an institution that go into making it special. Here at the University of Cincinnati, our learning experience extends beyond the classroom. Our students are doing more every day to learn, adventure, and expand their current understanding of their field and the world around them and at the University of Cincinnati, they have the tools to do so.

The University

Beautiful. Urban. Distinct.

Main Street with Students

We think our campus is inspiring, but don't just take our word for it! Continually recognized as one of the Most Beautiful College Campuses (Forbes), Cincinnati is an urban campus with green space to spare. Schedule a visit , and we think you'll agree with the New York Times that the University of Cincinnati has the "most ambitious campus-­design program in the country."

The true beauty of the campus extends beyond the built environment to our diverse academic settings, cutting edge laboratories, open green spaces, and winding pathways, all of which have been designed to both arouse intellectual curiosity and prompt a healthy social culture. People thrive on our campus because it is a place where they can learn, problem solve, collaborate with one another, or simply have meaningful and memorable college experiences.

The City

Big-city adventure, small-town charm.

Roebling Bridge

In the city of Cincinnati, you'll never be bored! Whether you are looking for professional opportunities, creative inspiration, or simply a great place to make memories with friends, you are in for something special in Cincinnati. It is a city in the midst of an exciting urban revival and a place known for its love of the arts, passion for sports, and its seriously impressive local food.

As the center of culture and commerce for a region of more than two million people, the Queen City is an important hub of the Midwest. It's our source for professional opportunities, celebration, and culture. Our backyard is home to nine Fortune 500 companies and lays claim to one of the most vibrant startup ecosystems in the nation. Inhabitants of Cincinnati experience big-city amenities while enjoying a small-town friendliness and collaborative feel that is characteristic of the Midwest.

The Students 

Making an impact.

Students preparing food together

The typical University of Cincinnati student is, in fact, not typical at all. That is what makes each and every student on campus so special. Our students push boundaries, challenge ideas, and make a way for themselves on campus and beyond.

The University of Cincinnati is made up of a large and diverse community where tens of thousands of students, faculty, and staff come together each day to learn and live with one another. We have more than 44,000 undergraduate and graduate students across multiple campuses and our faculty and staff here empower them to challenge and change the world.

The Experience 

Greatness lies beyond the classroom.

Cincinnati student on construction co-op

Experiencing Cincinnati means more than simply sitting in a classroom. This may be where you start, but the experience you have at the University of Cincinnati will propel you forward to whatever future you can imagine for yourself. Experiential learning drives us here at Cincinnati. From co-ops nearby to service learning overseas, we learn by doing and our students and faculty bring that real-world knowledge back onto campus where it informs our classrooms. It is part of our culture here and that experience is one our students keep with them and build upon forever.

To begin your own Cincinnati Experience, apply today and join our Bearcat Community!