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Campus tours and college visits

We offer a flexible schedule that allows you to see the University of Cincinnati’s amazing campus at your convenience. In addtion, each of UC’s colleges offers visits that provide information more specific to your academic interests.

Visit availability depends on the UC college that offers the major you’re interested in. Please let us know what major (or UC college) you’re interested in.

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Preview UC

The Office of Admissions offers an information session and campus tour called Preview UC. It is offered year-round on weekdays and on some Saturdays. The Preview consists of:
  • 30-45 minute information session with an Admissions Officer
  • 1-1½ hour campus tour with a current student tour guide
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The Office of Admissions offers a specialized information session and optional campus tour for transfer students called Preview UC. It is offered most Fridays. The Preview consists of:
  • 30-45 minute information session
  • 1-1½ hour campus tour with a current student tour guide
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University of Cincinnati degree programs are developed and administered by the faculty and staff of UC’s many colleges. Each college offers a visit where you can talk with faculty and staff in one of the college’s programs and learn more about the program you’re interested in.

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