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Senior Audit Program

The Senior Audit program is designed for adults 60 years or older who have resided in Ohio for at least 1 year. Under certain conditions, senior adults may audit courses at the University of Cincinnati free of cost. The term audit indicates that the student is taking a UC course without receiving any credit for having taken the course.

For the student to take a course, the student must:

  1. Complete a Basic Data Form. Please read this general information before filling out a Basic Data Form.

  2. Fax or deliver the form to the Transfer and Lifelong Learning Center on the Fourth Floor of University Pavilion.

  3. Pick potential courses and substitutes in case the course is already filled. On the day the course starts, check to determine if the course is still open. If the course appears available, pick up an add/drop slip for each course in which you would like to enroll. The decision to grant permission is at the discretion of the professor and is largely decided on the availability of open seats and the appropriateness of the student for the course.

  4. After the add/drop slip is signed, the student must deliver the form to the Transfer and Lifelong Learning Center for processing.