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Becoming a Non-Matriculated Student

Students may take classes at Cincinnati without being enrolled in a Cincinnati degree program. Their official status is "non-matriculated," which is a traditional academic term meaning "not enrolled in a degree program."

Completing the Basic Data Form is the first step to registering for classes. The Basic Data Form enables the Cincinnati Registrar to update or create your student record. After submitting the Basic Data Form, it will take a day or two to enter all the information into our student database. Then you will be able to register for classes.

Submitting the Basic Data Form

Fax: 513-556-5708

Mail: Office of the Registrar
          University of Cincinnati
          PO Box 210060
          Cincinnati, OH 45221-0060

In person: One Stop Student Services Center (2nd floor of University Pavilion) – Driving directions to University Pavilion.

Questions about submission of your form? Call OneStop at 513-556-1000. 

Important Information for Non-Matriculated Students

All Cincinnati students are entitled to certain benefits and services. They also have certain responsibilities. Since students who are not enrolled in degree programs do not go through formal orientation, please be sure to read all of the following information.

UConnect E-mail is Cincinnati's Official Means of Communication with Students

All  Cincinnati students must use their UConnect account. A UConnect e-mail account is provided to all University of Cincinnati students and will be used for all official university communications, including, but not limited to:

  • Billing notices and due dates
  • Grade reports
  • Registration procedures and deadline notifications
  • Financial aid requirements and awards
  • Emergency notices (e.g., snow closings)
  • Information about programs, activities, sporting events and more

Go to to activate your account.

One Stop: Cincinnati's Central Administration Service

The One Stop Student Service enables you to take care of business online or in person without having to run all over campus. You can register for classes, accept your financial aid award, pay your bill, check your grades, request a transcript and more.


Courses at Cincinnati use Blackboard, an online system that allows instructors to place course syllabi and instructional materials online. It also contains communication tools, such as online discussion boards, where students collaborate, post assignments and get updates from professors. Blackboard also serves as a portal to other Web services at Cincinnati.

Once you are officially a student and have registered for courses, you will have a Blackboard account created for you automatically.

Cincinnati Student ID

All Cincinnati students are required to have a Cincinnati photo ID . A valid student ID is required to use libraries, computer labs, sport and recreation facilities and campus dining centers. The Cincinnati ID also serves as the Bearcat Campus Card, a debit card that can be used in all campus vending machines, shops and the Cincinnati Bookstore.

To get an ID:

  • You must be registered for classes.
  • Go to the Public Safety Office (Three Edwards Center, first floor – Campus Map (PDF) and present another form of photo identification (i.e., driver's license, state ID or passport).
  • If you are an online learner, please contact the TLLC office at 513-556-2247 or your program advisor for procedures to acquire your student ID.

Student Health Insurance 

Health Insurance is required if you enroll for 6 or more credit hours. Eligible students are billed automatically for single coverage unless insurance is waived or dependent coverage is requested.

Students with private insurance who wish to be excluded from the Student Insurance Plan must submit an Insurance Action Form no later than the third Friday deadline of the term. To waive your health insurance go to the One Stop Web site.

International students are not eligible to waive coverage and are required to be covered under the University Student Insurance Plan.

Students whose classes have been canceled should contact the Student Insurance Office for confirmation of waiver or enrollment.

Students who purchase spring semester Student Health Insurance are automatically covered through summer semester with no additional premium due.

For more information, contact University Health Services.

Buying Books

The Cincinnati Bookstores offer all required and recommended textbooks and course packs. Students who want to purchase used books should shop early because used books, which retail at 25% less than the retail price of new books, sell out quickly. You can check for textbooks online or call the bookstore at 513-556-1400.

Parking on Campus

Students may purchase permits to park on campus. For more information, contact Cincinnati Parking Services.