Cincinnatus Excellence Scholarship

The Cincinnatus Excellence Scholarship is offered to Finalists in the National Merit and National Hispanic Scholarship Programs who have demonstrated the ability to excel in their academic endeavors.

Scholarship Benefits

  • In-state tuition and on-campus room funding – an annual value of approximately $18,000 (a $72,000 value over four years)
    • Students not eligible for Ohio, Metro, or Reciprocity rates or the National Outreach Scholarship award will also receive the Cincinnatus $3,000 Out-of-State Award 
    • Room funding is available only to students residing on campus or in university-affiliated housing
  • A one-time award of $1,500 (PDF) to support a computer purchase, study abroad experience, or undergraduate research opportunity
  • Automatic invitation to the University Honors Program, offering experiential learning relating to the themes of global studies, leadership, community engagement, research, and creativity

Steps to Becoming a Cincinnatus Excellence Scholar

  • Apply for admission* by December 1 of your senior year
  • Notify UC of your status as a Finalist by March 1 of your senior year
    • To notify the University of Cincinnati of your recognition as a finalist, email a copy of the letter (not the certificate) sent to the student's home to or fax a copy to 513-556-4178 attention Benedetta Khoury
  • Receive your award package by March 31 of your senior year
  • Declare UC as your first choice school with National Merit by May 1 of your senior year (National Hispanic Scholars are not required to complete this step.)
  • Confirm your admission and accept the scholarship by May 1 of your senior year 


  • A maximum of 60 Cincinnatus Excellence awards are offered annually; awards will be made in the order of receipt to Finalists who complete all steps listed above
  • The award is renewable for 8 full-time, in-class semesters provided the 3.2 GPA and annual 30-hour community service requirement are met
  • Learn about our university scholarship guidelines here
  • The Cincinnatus Excellence award supersedes all other Cincinnatus scholarship awards with the exception of the Cincinnatus Presidential Scholarship, which is awarded to the top scholars in the Cincinnatus Scholarship Program


Cincinnatus Excellence Award Details

  1. Award Value:
    • The scholarship will cover the cost of current UC full-time, in-state tuition and fees (non-Ohio residents are required to pay the applicable Metro or other non-resident tuition surcharges)
    • The scholarship will also cover the UC multiple occupancy base room rate for students living in UC residence halls or UC-affiliated housing
      1. Students assume the responsibility of board plan and any added costs beyond the base UC rate
      2. Room expenses for scholars choosing to live off campus will be the responsibility of the student
      3. All unmarried first-year students who are not residing with their parents inside a 50-mile radius of the Clifton campus are required to live in the residence halls during their first academic year
      4. Affiliated housing is limited to direct leases with University Park apartments only or by assignment via a block-lease through UC Housing to an off-campus housing facility
    • Recipients will be offered a one-time allocation of $1,500 during their enrollment at UC toward one of the following based on a student-submitted proposal:
      1. Desktop or laptop computer purchase – Proposal must detail the estimated cost of the computer hardware and peripherals
      2. Study-abroad experience – Proposal must outline the study-abroad experience and be approved by UC’s Institute for Global Studies and Affairs
      3. Undergraduate research study – Undergraduate research to be conducted with approximate costs outlined and support letter provided by either the student’s academic advisor or a faculty-sponsor
    • Recipients remain responsible for all expenses not specifically described above including but not limited to books and supplies, supplemental texts, meal plan, room charges while on co-op, and personal articles
  2. Honors Program: Recipients of the scholarship will be offered admission to UC’s University Honors Program
  3. Number of terms: The scholarship can be used fall, spring, and summer semesters for full-time tuition and fees and residence hall room charges for a maximum of eight (8) full-time semesters or within five (5) years of the initial scholarship semester, whichever is less. (Cooperative education terms are not charged full-time tuition and are therefore not counted toward the 8-semester limit nor are they eligible for scholarship funding.)
  4. Enrollment: The recipient is required to be a full-time student during each semester that is covered by the scholarship
  5. Academic requirements for renewal/continuance:
    • Recipients must maintain satisfactory academic progress toward a bachelor’s degree, earn 12 credit hours each semester and maintain a 3.2 minimum university grade point average
    • Recipient must complete 30 hours of community service submitted each June to the Scholarship & New Student Financial Aid Center
    • If the recipient is suspended, expelled, or otherwise removed from the university for any reason, the scholarship is automatically terminated
  6. Cincinnatus Excellence Scholarship Program Limits: Students otherwise awarded funding for the specified components of the Cincinnatus Excellence Scholarship will see their award adjusted accordingly
  7. UC Scholarship Maximum: Students who receive a university scholarship package in excess of the Cincinnatus Excellence Award assurance should note that total institutional award funds may not exceed the direct costs of attendance plus the UC-budgeted book allowance.  As well, this award and all UC awards are subject to the undergraduate scholarship limits


For more information on scholarships, academic programs, and the admissions process, contact:

Benedetta Khoury