Housing & Food

Turner Hall, University of Cincinnati

Living on campus is proven to support academic achievement and social success in college. Besides that, it’s fun!

UC residents enjoy:

  • choices -- like community- or suite-style living and lifestyle floors, where you live with other students from your college, major, athletic team or honors program;
  • cable TV, air conditioning, microfridge, and high-speed Internet access; 
  • campus safety features, including smoke detectors, sprinkler systems, security and police officers, and emergency alert phones;
  • sports and recreation facilities on campus;
  • fresh and healthy dining options, cooked-to-order;
  • laundry facilities and meeting rooms in every hall; computer labs and hall or floor kitchens in most halls;
  • better grades, higher GPAs and better graduation rates.

Are freshmen required to live on campus?

All unmarried first-year students under 21 whose parents’ or guardians’ principal residence is 50 or more miles from the Uptown campus (as determined by zip code) are required by University policy to live in UC residence halls.

First-year students whose parents reside inside a 50-mile radius of the main campus are required to live either with their parents, on campus in a UC residence hall, or in University-Affiliated Housing. (University-Affiliated Housing refers to University Park Apartments, located on campus, but independently managed.)

All residence halls are non-smoking. Micro-fridges (a refrigerator/microwave combo unit) are provided in each residence hall room/suite. The only pets permitted in the residence halls are fish, subject to certain limitations.  For more information, go to the Housing website.