Campus Life

UC Students volunteer in the Serve Beyond Project

If you take a 15-credit course load, you're spending about 15 hours a week in class. Life is what you do the rest of the time.

Recent research indicates that, for college students, life and learning go hand in hand. So we've created an incredible student life district – MainStreet – in the center of the UC campus. And we support hundreds of student organizations and activities for every possible interest.

The University of Cincinnati Club Sports Board (CSB) promotes student participation in a variety of physical and athletic activities.

UC's Campus Recreation Center (CRC) is a 200,000 square-foot fitness and recreation space.


UC Involvement

What kinds of student organizations does UC have?

  • Cultural/Ethnic
  • Musical
  • Religious
  • Professional
  • Athletics
  • Social
  • Community Service
  • Academic
  • Creative & Performing Arts
  • Political