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Undergraduate Admissions

Hello and thank you for your interest in the University of Cincinnati’s Graduate School

With over 180 graduate degree programs (LLM, Master's, PhD) the University of Cincinnati offers something for nearly everyone.

The University of Cincinnati is home to over 2,600 highly qualified international students from more than 115 different countries. You'll find that UC offers a warm and welcoming environment for international students and their families.

Applying for Full Admission

Students who meet the University’s English proficiency requirement and entrance examination (GRE/GMAT) should apply for full admission. Full admission applicants must complete the online application and submit all supplementary documents to the graduate program before the application deadline date. Please go to UC Apply to start your application to the Graduate School- Refer to the Graduate School Application Guide for directions on how to complete the application.

Applying for Conditional Admission

Students who do not meet the University’s English proficiency requirement and/or entrance examination (GRE/GMAT) must apply for conditional admission. Conditionally admitted students attend the ELS Language Center located on campus. Students must either complete the ELS Program's Level 112 or submit a passing TOEFL or ILETS score. The English language and entrance examination requirements must be fulfilled before a student begins classes at the University. Please follow the below steps to begin your application for conditional admission to the Graduate School and ELS.

First, complete the ELS University Admissions Application.

After you have completed the ELS University Application, please email it to ucisi@els.edu along with the below documents:

Transcript - This document should be an official English version of your Bachelor’s and/or Master’s transcripts.  Please Note:  If you are admitted to UC, you will need to bring the official/original transcript with you and submit it to the graduate program before you begin classes. 

Personal Statement - This should describe why you wish to study your program of interest at the University of Cincinnati and list any names of faculty who you would like to have as an advisor. You should also indicate how you plan to use the knowledge, skills, and degree earned in this program in your future career. Your essay should be 1-2 pages long.

Resume/Curriculum Vitae - This should describe your academic, professional, personal or other related experiences. It should include the names of the schools you attended with the degrees you earned, the names of your previous and present employers with the positions you held and the dates you were employed, awards you have won, publications, presentations, hobbies/interests and any other skills.

 Letters of Recommendation - These letters should be written by 3 individuals who are familiar with your academic or professional work (previous professors and/or supervisors, not family). The letters need to indicate the relationship between you and the recommender, why you would be a good candidate for the graduate program, and any special skill-sets you posses.

Scholarship Letter/Financial Affidavit - This should be an official scholarship letter or bank statement, less than 6 months old.

Passport biographical page - This should be a scanned copy of your passport photo page. If you are bringing your spouse and/or children with you, please also include their passports.


If you have any questions, please email ucisi@els.edu

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