Preparing for College - Parents and Family

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Whether this is your first or your fifteenth student to go to college, it is important to help them through the process and learn about the institutions to which they are considering applying. Below you will find many resources that may be helpful during this time. 

What should your student be doing in high school?

  • Begin exploring their interests and make a list of college majors in which they may be interested
  • Be aware of the course requirements at their high school and determine what classes they should be taking to prepare for graduation and the transition to college
  • Get to know their teachers and counselors who may write letters of recommendation for them when it comes time to apply to college

Your student won't be doing this alone!

The University of Cincinnati Office of Admissions looks forward to helping you and your student with your college search, application, and selection.  No matter where you are in the United States there is a representative in the Office of Admissions that can work with your student. Just like submitting transcripts and test scores is a part of the process, we highly encourage your student to reach out to their Admissions representative to help with any and all questions that arise.You can view a list of the admissions staff HERE.

What do you need to know about the SAT and ACT?

Students should take these tests for the first time during the spring of their junior year of high school. They may need to take both tests multiple times in order to get the highest score possible. Your student should refer to the colleges they are applying to and see if the instutition has a preference between the SAT or the ACT.

For information about the ACT, click HERE.

For information about the SAT, click HERE.

Don't forget about the deadlines!

Your student should be looking at priority deadlines and early-action deadlines. Every institution is different, but some may have an early-action deadline for different programs or scholarships. Here is an example for the University of Cincinnati.

"Early Action" means that students will receive an early response to their application from the university but will not have to commit prior to the national confirmation deadline of May 1. 

"Early Decision" is a binding agreement between a student and a university where the student agrees to commit to a specific institution if they are granted admission.