CCP Information for High School Teachers

► UC Uptown College Credit Plus Instructor Credentialing Process


High school instructors interested in offering a class under College Credit Plus (CCP) may apply to become a credentialed College Credit Plus Instructor as a UC volunteer adjunct faculty member. All credentialing applications are reviewed by UC departmental faculty at the home college from which the course is offered per ODHE Dual Credit College Course Instruction Standards.

► UC Uptown College Credit Plus Instructor Credentialing Process


► UC Uptown College Credit Plus Instructor Credentialing Process


► Qualified Faculty Requirements for CCP Credentialing (New Effective Fall 2017)

  • Faculty teaching general education courses, or other non-occupational courses, hold a master's degree or higher in the discipline or subfield.
  • If a faculty member holds a master's degree or higher in a discipline or subfield other than that in which he or she is teaching, the faculty member should have completed a minimum of 18 graduate credit hours in the discipline or subfield in which they teach.

► Application Process


The University of Cincinnati is currently revamping the College Credit Plus instructor credentialing process. We expect this new process to be established by Spring Semester 2017. In the interim, please direct all inquiries for teaching credentialing eligibility, application requirements, and process to:

Beth Fisher Young, Director
UC Uptown Campus College Credit Plus


► UC Faculty Mentorship


High school instructors who are credentialed as UC volunteer adjuncts will be assigned UC faculty mentors. UC faculty mentors are also available to high school instructors to discuss course and syllabus development and best practice. Mentors and instructors are expected to engage in consultation through in-person meetings, phone call, email, and/or video chat. UC Faculty mentors are also required to conduct at least one, full period classroom observation for each mentee.