Deferral Policy

Standard Deferral Policy

An application remains valid up to two (2) semesters after the original term of submission. Deferrals for admission may be requested within this time period without the need to reapply. Once an application has expired a new application must be submitted for consideration. Restrictions for deferrals may apply as some academic programs only admit during certain times of the year. Questions or requests for standard deferrals may be directed to the main admissions office at 513.556.1100.

Gap Year Deferrals

A gap year is a full year taken off by a student (most commonly between high school and college) with the purpose of gaining personal or professional experience, therefore falling outside the parameters of the standard deferral policy above. Requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and are dependent on the circumstances surrounding the gap year and the program to which admission was granted. For consideration, please email a formal request, including as much detail as possible, to Abby Retallick, Assistant Director, at

Note About College Credit

If at any time during the deferral period college coursework is completed and credit earned, the deferral will be nullified and the applicant must formally reapply to the university as a transfer student, supplying transcripts from each institution attended.